Bangsaphan Guide

Ban Krut Travel

Ban Krut is around 380 kilometers from Bangkok, getting to and from the town is straight forward.

The most convenient train is the Sprinter (special express train no. 43) which leaves from Bangkok Hua Lumpong railway station at 08:05, Hua Hin at 11:11, and arrives in Ban Krut at 12:47.

Several other trains stop as well in Ban Krut, but their travel time is considerably longer.

There is one Blue air-con bus, which goes to Ban Krut town daily.
It leaves at 12:30 from Bangkok southbound terminal. Go to ticket selling window no. 10. The final destination of this bus is Bang Saphan. It arrives in Ban Krut at approximately 6 PM.
In Ban Krut, you will normally find several sidecar motorcycle taxi’s at the railway station in the centre of the town. If none is available, you can call 087-0862847.

Of course all busses, which go to the deep south, will pass Ban Krut, but they will drop you off on Petkhasem road on the Ban Krut intersection. This is 10 km from the town.

From Petkhasem in southern direction, there are 2 exits to go to Ban Krut.

1) After KM375, just before a temple, go left and follow the road. After approx. 10 km’s you cross a railroad and soon you can see the sea in front of you. This exit is convenient to reach places which are located north of Tong Chai mountain or if you want to take a scenic route along the beach.

2) After KM382 go on the frontage road and take the first road on your left. You reach Ban Krut village after about 10 km’s near the station. This exit is convenient if you want to go to the village and for going to places south of Tong Chai mountain.


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